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    Child Guidance Centre



    Child Guidance Centre has been running under paper writing service the umbrella of Dr. Zakir Husain Memorial Welfare Society since its establishment in 2003. The school paper writing service uk for special children is located in the Jamia Senior Secondary School campus having the present strength of 53 students. This Special School caters to the needs of children with ‘different’ abilities and helps them to be more confident and live a life of normalcy, instilling a sense of social acceptance.

    Child Guidance Centre receives its funding from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment under Deen Dayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme.The students are assessed based on their I.Q. levels and are divided among various categories and each category is catered by specialized and trained experts in the field of special education, physiotherapy, psychology, speech therapy and counseling.

    The different groups for assessment purposes are:

    1. Mild Retardation Group:

    (I.Q. 50-69)
    These children are educable. Different strategies, methods are adopted to teach these children.Physical strengths are developed by special coaches and yoga teachers.

    2. Moderate Retardation Group:

    (I.Q. 35-49)
    These children are trainable as they are not educable. We provide them pre vocational training, like: crafts (jute bag, paper bags, pen holder making), painting, cooking etc.



    “Dream is not what you see in sleep. It is something that does not let you sleep.”

    Realizing the aboveimmortal lines by Dr. Kalam, our vision is to help all the special children to realize their dreams to live a perfectly cheerful life at par with any independent individual, to enjoy all the blessings of nature and to be self-reliant with their heads held high.

    National Institute for Mentally Handicapped (NIMH):

    All the enrolled students are facilitated in obtaining the NIMH Certificate which helps them to avail various concessions floated by the Government of India.

    Aims and Objectives:

    The special school is established with the objectives to provide schooling and counseling services to differently abled children. It tries to relate the mainstreams to the special children belonging to society and economically weaker section of the community, especially lower income group. Child Guidance Center (C.G.C) also provides diagnostic, therapeutic facilities to special children with developmental, behavioral, mental and language problems along with adjustment issues. Child Guidance Center also counsels their families to understand and accept these children with their disabilities and to make them aware of the methodologies and therapies according to their child’s problem. It also counsels the children to be self-reliant and independent.

    Programs / Courses

    For non-educable group / Trainable group:

    1. Good Manners:

    • Greet others
    • Listen to teachers
    • Don’t disturb others etc.

    2. Self Help Skill:

    • Brushing
    • Washing hands
    • Dressing / undressing etc.

    3. Pre- Vocational Activities:

    • To follow commands
    • To take care of belongings etc.

    For educable group:

    1. Language Development:

    • Expressive and receptive language

    2. Reading skills:

    • Naming the picture
    • Recite the poem
    • Reading simple words
    • Reading complex words
    • Reading sentences
    • Reading paragraphs
    • Identifying the numbers etc.

    3. Pre- writing skills:

    • Free hand coloring
    • Clay modeling
    • Paper tearing and pasting
    • Paper folding etc.

    4. Writing skills:

    • Write alphabets in English and Hindi
    • Write numbers
    • Write two/ three letter words
    • Write simple sentences

    5. Pre- Mathematical skills:

    • Identify the shapes, size and numbers
    • Concept of more / less, day /night etc.

    6. Mathematical skills:

    • Addition
    • Subtraction
    • Simple multiplication & division etc.

    Activities and Events

    Apart from academics, regular events, sports activities, painting competitions, picnics and plethora of other celebrations make these children live every moment of their life. Regular goody-bag picnics at India Gate are organized which are a fun-filled event for these children. Celebrations of Gandhi Jayanti, Independence-cum Republic Days along with festivals like Christmas rejuvenate these souls.

    Various activities at CGC are:

    1- Yoga and Exercises to keep the students physically fit


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    2- Teaching through Audio-Visual aids through T.V, C.D. and Music System




    3- Play activities (Indoor-cum-outdoor):


    Child Guidance Centre has always endeavored to initiate activities in diverse fields that foster and strengthen the abilities of special children. One such endeavor is the Inter School Sports Meet. Sports meets are always a healthy athlete program. It is a comprehensive physical therapy in which a therapist assesses flexibility of hamstring, calf, shoulder rotator and hip flexor muscles, single leg stance and functional reach. These competitions provide information to the children’s families and coaches about the importance as well as methods to improve flexibility, functional strength and balance in sports performance and activities of daily living.


    The Athletic and Sports meet is designed to:

    1. Assess and improve flexibility, functional strength and balance.
    2. Educated participants, families and coaches about the importance of flexibility strength and balance.
    3. Provide an opportunity for participants to learn about physical therapy.

    List of Games:


    • Banana Race 
    • Balloon Race
    • Musical Chair
    • Flat Race
    • Frog Race
    • Walk Race
    • Bocce
    • Bucketing the Ball

    Hopping Race

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    4 – Painting competitions provide a platform to portray thoughts and ideas on canvas. The masterpieces by these special children are a perfect amalgamation of various colors of life.

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    5- Vocational training program (bag making, pen holder, cooking etc) to highlight the creativity embedded deep inside the soul.



    6- Picnic: To provide the most enjoyable and beneficial time in the life of children with special needs and helping them to bring into the social mainstream under conditions in which they are accepted, respected and given a chance to become more productive citizens, “Society For Child Development- Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment” has been organizing an annual Goody Bag Picnic for the past eleven years. We are happy to see students having a wonderful time, making friends, sharing food, playing games and winning prizes.

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    7- Joy of Giving Week: The Joy of giving week is India’s “Festival of Giving” launched in 2009. The festival is celebrated every year in the week including Gandhi Jayanti, i.e. 2nd to 8th October and brings Indians together all across the country and abroad to celebrate the pleasure of “GIVING”. Joy of Giving Week brings smiles on the faces of hundreds of underprivileged children as celebrities spend quality time with them. It is a “Festival of Philanthropy” celebrated every year by engaging people through “acts of giving” money, time, resources and skills, spanning corporate, N.G.O. s, schools, colleges and the general public.



    8- Festival celebrations and Cultural activities
    A host of festivals are celebrated on school campus to make the children aware of the concepts of freedom and independence; to share the joy of Christmas and the glamor of Diwali; to enjoy the delicacies of Eid and to walk on the paths trodden by great leaders.

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    Services offered


    I.Q. Assessment: Students are assessed by a trained psychologist and are enrolled either under the Mild or the Moderate category depending upon the status of mental retardation.

    I.Q Assessment

    I.Q Assessment


    Behavior Modification Programs: Several behavioral issues of special children are addressed by classroom and home-based programs.


    Special Education: Academic classes for these children are conducted by special educators who are qualified and trained professionals. They mold the curriculum and lesson plan according to the IQ level of each individual for a better understanding.

    Special Education

    Special Education

    Speech therapy: Several sessions for speech therapy are provided by special instruments that help the students to develop their vocal skills.

    Speech Therapy

    Speech Therapy

    Counseling sessions: Several sessions of counselling are conducted to analyze the overall physical, mental and behavioral development of the students.

    Counseling sessions

    Counseling sessions

    Psychotherapy: Various physio activities are conducted to improve the fine motor skills of students who suffer from muscle, bones and nerves disorders.



    Vocational Training Program: Vocational training is provided to children below 12 years to make them self-dependent and reliant.


    Play therapy: Play therapy enables the students to identify shapes, colors and helps them to count and understand and implement basic logical operations. This therapy is provided at initial stages when students are not able to academically sustain themselves.

    Play therapy

    Play therapy